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Murphy’s Bakery was started by Owner Charlie, when the locals dogs got a taste of the biscuits she had been baking for her beloved pooch Murphy. They all loved them so she knew she was on to something. Since then she has developed a range of product and even bakes dogs birthday cakes. She was referred to us by one of our clients earlier this year, we met tried one of the biscuits and then we started throwing some ideas around. Discussing how we could really give the brand and packaging some character.

What We Delivered

Straight away we knew that Murphy had to be the focal point of the brand, so we created him as an illustration. We then decided that we wanted to make the packaging really visual and showed Murphy doing some typical dog like activities. Burying his biscuits, balancing them on his nose, dragging a huge stick and rolling in the mud. Charlie loved this as she said they were all things Murphy used to do. We were all really happy with how the packaging came out and cant wait to develop the brand further.

Murphy Murphy