Frequently Asked Questions

How much should a website cost?

A question that is regularly asked, but how long is a piece of string? It is dependent on the kind of functions that you want or need. How much information do you need on the website? Do you need to sell through it? Do you need the option of a live chat? Do you need to manage the content on it? The list goes on, look I think you get the gist now a websites price is dependent on the clients wants and needs. We establish these by collecting a brief at the start of the process.

What is an SSL Certificate?

This is the little padlock that you see in the top left corner just before the URL. The purpose of this is to make somebody visiting your website aware of the fact that it is secure and any information disclosed on the website is completely safe.

How much should a logo cost?

A logo is the face of your business so it is key that it looks great and more importantly, better than your competitors. There is no right or wrong or specific price for a logo. I would look at the designer’s previous┬álogo designs and work out if I thought their price was worth it.

Do we own the artwork or do you?

We aren’t the kind of people to hold anything back from you. If you have paid for it, you can have it. Just make sure you ask us how to use the file properly, as the last thing we want is for your future design work looking rubbish.

You have a vision.

We have the skills to get you there.