Why Re-brand?

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Regular objections to re-branding are….


Objection: “We can design it ourselves”

Counter: For example, how do you think customers portray your business when you hand them a basic business card that you created on a cheap card site? This may have been the cheaper option to start with, but this will definitely not be the more professional option. People naturally judge you on a first impression, it can be anything from the way you dress to how you shake their hand. If you show this potential customer that you haven’t put time and thought into the frontline presentation of your business, they will automatically lose faith not only in you but in the services you provide. Don’t let this get in the way of potential business!


Objection: “We can’t afford to have a brand developed professionally”

Counter: Re-branding costs money, yes but this is something that will be the forefront of your business for the next 10,15, 20 years. It may seem like a large lump sum at the time but having a good brand is key as this is the representation of your whole business, its how people recognise the business, its how people remember the business and is a marketing tool just in itself. When I search for something on google, I will look at say the top 3 sites. I will pick the one I have heard of or the one that looks most professional, reliable and legitimate. Even if it is high on google I would not purchase anything from the business with the amateur looking brand. Joe Bloggs does not have the capabilities to produce a high-quality brand. This is a skilled profession, leave it to the professionals!


Objection: “We don’t need a brand, we are busy enough as it is.”

Counter: This objection is the most small minded of them all, why would somebody not want their business to continue to grow and develop. This is the modern day, led by social media and marketing campaigns. Everything is visual and if you want to compete with modern day businesses you need to start by having a high-quality visual brand.


I hope this post has shed some light on the importance of a high-quality brand.

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