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Hi Guys,

Welcome to our new site!!!! I’m Charlie the account manager at Bawk and from now on me and Ash will be posting regular blog posts that will hopefully be relevant, fun and helpful within the industry. We will also be posting stuff that might not be completely relevant to design but at the same time enjoyable to read. Our posts are going to consist of the following things….

General Monthly Updates

Every month we will do a monthly round-up post. This doesn’t mean we will just be posting work, this could be anything from events we have attended, general advice, studio changes and much more.

Our Favourite Portfolio Pieces

We will regularly be updating our portfolio on the website with our favourite projects, but occasionally we will post them on here for anyone who is catching up with the blog. The aim is to get our work out there as much as possible and use the blog as an opportunity for anyone who is interested in design to share it on to social media.

Top Tips

It is always good to learn and there is no better way than to learn through video. We will regularly post videos or explanations of useful tips within the industry, or sometimes even outside of the industry. See it as a bit of a tutorial.

Food Updates

Now this one is completely random but both me and Ash are massive foodies and occasionally will post about the food we have recently had, it could be for lunch or even a new restaurant we have eaten at and would like to recommend.


Last but not least is vacancies. We are hoping to expand and with the amount of work we get from our amazing clients. This means that we may need a helping hand along the way, so let us see your work!!

I’m sure by now you get the gist, over time we will pick up more subjects to post about so keep your eyes peeled for our updates.

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